1. Happy Birthday Mugi-chan!!


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  2. Put a LETTER in my ask box and I’ll tell you 5 things I love starting with that letter.


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  3. REBLOG if you have cried because of a MANGA or ANIME


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  4. sn20thingsilike:

whyyy?why did she open her eyes? 
  5. Sorry for not posting lately.

    College has been getting me quite busy for me so I rarely get to go online now.

    For now, this account is on HIATUS. Sorry guys. Will try to get back as soon as possible.

  6. I know you got scared.
  7. Sorry for not posting lately, guys..

    My laptop decided to be a bitch at me sooooo.. I’m going to have to get funds from mom to have it fixed. ‘Till then, I won’t post for this week, I guess.

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